Sunday, 22 July 2012


Sorry I've not posted in a while- I have lots to tell you, I've been so BUSY. I promise I will blog it all in the next day or two. All about my graduations, New designers, and everything in between!

xoxo Nat

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Promotion and marketing

I've been given my first brief outside of Uni (It was given to me by my aunty but still). I love working with promotional material and marketing. She wanted me to think of ideas for a possible business idea about speaking too and proving soul survival and spiritual healing. So heres a few illustrations I've been owkring on...

xoxo Nat 

Monday, 18 June 2012

UCLAN degree show

So so proud of me and my classmates...take a look at some of the talent we have in our class. Just took a few cheeky snaps, hope you enjoy them. Our blood sweat tears and hard work is over (for now) we have COMPLETED our degree wooohooo well done us <3

this is my stand

wide range of talent there I'd say. 

xoxo Nat

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Surface pattern work

I've been working on an old project revamping some early patterns I started and making them better. I took the embroidery, collages and drawings from an old project and reworked it in photoshop and by adding some new drawings and doodles I did. Its not a large collection but I'm quite pleased with them for a quick project.

xoxo Nat

Monday, 4 June 2012


As you already know my brothers wedding day was a fabulous day...and its still being talked about weeks later :) Dont think Ill ever forget, and I hope one day mine is as special as that...

We've had another wedding in our family this cousin Phil and his new wife Sarah tied the knot on saturday and that was a fabulous day also. Everyone truely enjoyed themselves.

Not only have we been celebrating the newly wedded couple this jubilee weekend but we have a new arrival too! My beautiful cousin Lynsey (also recently married) has given birth to a beautiful baby boy Benedict Alexander Roocroft born in the early hours weighing 9lb 11oz!!!

Happy weekend for me and my family!

gorgeous Benedict

me and my handsome man

me and my new sister-in-law!

cutie pie oliver

the new mr and mrs!


nearly speech time

first dance

party time!!!!

xoxo Nat

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Monday, 21 May 2012

wedding inspiration

I would love to work in the wedding industry one day- I mean I already do for my part time job, and thats got me hooked. I love to handmake things, and I would love to just come up with an amazing idea that no one has ever done in the industry before. In the mean time I can look at others amazing work in 'handmade weddings' and be wow'd by their work. Seriously I love it and they are amazing. I will show you some images of princess laserton's work and Vicky Trainor's work.

princess Laserton's handmade bouquet

princess Laserton's handmade bouquet

Princess Laserton's buttonhole brooches

Princess Laserton's buttonholes. Cute <3

Vicky Trainors Buttonhole Brooches

Vicky Trainors Buttonhole Brooches

Vicky Trainor's fabric invitations <3

Vicky Trainor's vintage place names

Vicky Trainor's handmade centrepieces
Check out their websites...

Enjoy them as much as me <3 xoxo Nat

hard work is paying off :)

Wow...i'm really glad I did this tonight. I've been fretting at the sight of everyone's work for their degree show recently. I mean people could open a shop with the amount of stuff created and I was starting to panic. As I bought my new portfolio tonight I thought I'd sort my stuff out and get out what I've done...And i have to say I am so so pleased with what I saw. There was way more work than I thought I had, and I thought it all linked well together.

The truth is I hadn't felt like I'd done tonnes of work in the past 2 weeks, so I thought something must be wrong...why aren't I ripping my hair out?? But I have worked so hard throughout the whole of the project and worked my butt off, which meant I hadn't left it all till last minute, and that's why I'm feeling relaxed and the way I am. I've still got a few bits to do to finish off, and I need to design how to exhibit my work for my show, but overall I am pleased with what I have achieved. It has come to the point now where I think I don't care what mark I get now...I'm pleased and proud of my work (which is very rare for me) so that will do me just fine :)

So yeah here's to working hard everyday and not leaving things till last minute!!! (It's finally clicked that that's the best way)

Here's a sneaky photo of the majority of my work (without my final products). I was pleasantly surprised!

byeeee xoxo Nat

Saturday, 19 May 2012

a2 bound book

I made a book A2 sized to display my final collection. I wanted to show them in book format, and in a professional manner to display them at their best! I'm really pleased with the binding efforts after searching aimlessly around places to bind as big as A2!! Think it looks rather professional and will look good display in  my degree show :)