Monday, 21 May 2012

wedding inspiration

I would love to work in the wedding industry one day- I mean I already do for my part time job, and thats got me hooked. I love to handmake things, and I would love to just come up with an amazing idea that no one has ever done in the industry before. In the mean time I can look at others amazing work in 'handmade weddings' and be wow'd by their work. Seriously I love it and they are amazing. I will show you some images of princess laserton's work and Vicky Trainor's work.

princess Laserton's handmade bouquet

princess Laserton's handmade bouquet

Princess Laserton's buttonhole brooches

Princess Laserton's buttonholes. Cute <3

Vicky Trainors Buttonhole Brooches

Vicky Trainors Buttonhole Brooches

Vicky Trainor's fabric invitations <3

Vicky Trainor's vintage place names

Vicky Trainor's handmade centrepieces
Check out their websites...

Enjoy them as much as me <3 xoxo Nat

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