Monday, 21 May 2012

hard work is paying off :)

Wow...i'm really glad I did this tonight. I've been fretting at the sight of everyone's work for their degree show recently. I mean people could open a shop with the amount of stuff created and I was starting to panic. As I bought my new portfolio tonight I thought I'd sort my stuff out and get out what I've done...And i have to say I am so so pleased with what I saw. There was way more work than I thought I had, and I thought it all linked well together.

The truth is I hadn't felt like I'd done tonnes of work in the past 2 weeks, so I thought something must be wrong...why aren't I ripping my hair out?? But I have worked so hard throughout the whole of the project and worked my butt off, which meant I hadn't left it all till last minute, and that's why I'm feeling relaxed and the way I am. I've still got a few bits to do to finish off, and I need to design how to exhibit my work for my show, but overall I am pleased with what I have achieved. It has come to the point now where I think I don't care what mark I get now...I'm pleased and proud of my work (which is very rare for me) so that will do me just fine :)

So yeah here's to working hard everyday and not leaving things till last minute!!! (It's finally clicked that that's the best way)

Here's a sneaky photo of the majority of my work (without my final products). I was pleasantly surprised!

byeeee xoxo Nat

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