Thursday, 26 April 2012

my week of work

I've been a crafty bee this week. I've sorted out and handed in my wallpaper designs to the technician (finally chose three)




I got patterns back, and the colours where perfect (3 times lucky) so I've been busy turning them into things :D I'll post photos below of what's been made so far. Aswel as that I've had my lasercuts done and they've been given back to me today (how quick?!) so I can get making my lightshade- excited. :)

one of my cushions and a practise lampshade

Aswel as working on this module, I've been working on my report about where to sell my work if I wanted to, and I've had a little interview (well more like a small chat) with Emma who owns 'Miss Matilda's Boutique.' It's a little shop in Preston, and it is also on the web: I suggest you check it out it's mega cute! She was very very helpful and gave me loads of info for my report, and I took it on board for the future in case I ever decide I want to earn a bit of extra dosh and sell some handmade things in a boutique.

And on top of my uni work- I've become the dog-sitter for the week. My mums ventured off on her hols and It's become my duty to look after the gorgeous little Murphy. It's all great (apart from this horrendous weather and I have to walk him in the rain!) Love him lots <3

So yeah, I've been pretty busy. But I'm going to relax tonight as my lovely fella has come back from Wrexham to see me <3 Thank goodness. I hate being home alone.

Byebye xoxo Nat

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I've put together a website with all my work on and I'm rather proud of it. Its a free one (cos I'm a cheap skate- or just a skint student) but Its just to promote myself and to put on my business cards ready for my degree show and new designers! Anyway the links below- take a nosey if you fancy it :)

xoxo Nat

Friday, 20 April 2012

business card dilemma

Designing my business cards is harder than I thought- Do i need a website? and do i NEED a phone number? Im stressing now, need to rest my head! Good night all :) Heres my few finals- which will change as I may put a website on too!

business card designs

I've been designing the front of my business cards ready for new designers and my degree show. I'll post the images below- If you could help me chose that would be great- or offer any changes to be made! I haven't designed the back yet until I've chosen which ones I like :) Please help ...










xoxox Nat

Monday, 16 April 2012

patterns in settings (final part)

Hello! I've finished putting my collection into settings (thank god!) Thought I'd give you a quick update of what I've done. Its not much, but I have also sorted out my final patterns to get printed onto fabric to make cool things out of!. I've decided on some cushions and a light shade so far, and yet to confirm my decision to make a cot bumper and quilt/blanket. It's all about whether I want to pay another 60 quid eesh! Anyway here's the final batch of my patterns in settings!

a chair pad to brighten up any chair!

Think I'm going to actually make this cushion!

funky lightshade

I'd love to make this, however I'm not an expert at bag making!

pretty wallpaper- slightly calmer than my other patterns for the less brave!

And the same pattern but decorating a bedroom!

Well now I've caused my eyes to go blind after all that! Can't wait to get my patterns printed and start making my things :) Hope the colours print out right this time- It's been an absolute nightmare sorting them out! Fingers crossed!

xoxo Nat.

Friday, 13 April 2012

a past project...

My last project was one of my most successful, and one of my most favourite. This was when I really decided I love working with surface pattern. I developed my drawing style properly and found out that Im slightly obsessed with cell imagery!!

I based my last project on cancer cells. The theme was "an open mind" so I decided to work on the theme of turning ugly things people don't want to look at/ talk about into something unrecognisable and beautiful looking.

It was to promote cancer but merely to show my cause for concern, to warn people, and to celebrate health! I tried to make my designs bright and 'pop-like' adding a touch of funky to a grim subject. In the end I decided to design and make a silk scarf. I used hand embroidery and added text using the embroidery machine. The text included statistics and I made it blend in with the background so that it was disguised.

If i where to do the project again I don't think I would of made just scarves. I think they work best in fashion and would look good large scale on dresses.

Anyway here's a few images, photos, illustrations, and original drawings for you to look at!

my fineliner and watercolour drawings, scanned in and merged into a pattern

again, my drawings and paintings scanned in to create a pattern 

fashion illustration 

fashion illustration

close up photo of embroidery on scarf

embroidery detail on scarf

scarf on a mannikin (i can't flip this around for some reason sorry!)

again i can't flip this sorry- but here's embroidery detail

surface pattern and embroidery combined.

Hope you like it! Even if you do need a bit of an open mind to understand my subject matter here!

Opinions valued

xoxo Nat

patterns in settings (part 3)

I have nearly finished putting all my patterns in different settings. hopefully They will all be done by weekend...only a few more left. Heres my work from today...

the finished curtains!

Baby sleep suit!

moses basket

Only a few more left to do and then I can get my final prints into my technician and get making!!! Yipee. Oh and tonnes of mounting to do, and organising of sketchbooks etc. Oh dear SO much to do so little time.

xoxo Nat

Thursday, 12 April 2012

patterns in settings (part 2)

well i promised an update on my progress today. I haven't done loads as i've been working but heres what I done :)

funky lightshade design

same design but on a highchair. to be used as part of a theme

bedding (not quite got bedding yet)

spot my patterns!

pretty wallpaper

curtains in the making (just to show you the difference!)

but now my eyes hurt, and i can't see straight (no, i'm actually worried!) so I'm giving it a break, and will hopefully finish these settings tomorrow. Good night all, I'm going to watch rubbish TV in bed, wind down, and have sweet dreams (I hope!)

xoxo Nat

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

patterns in settings (part 1)

I've been a very busy little bee putting my 15 final patterns from my collection into interior settings and onto co-ordinating products. This is my achievement in day 1. I want to chose a few favourites for each pattern, and do a final setting that has EVERY pattern in to show how they would work altogether. Heres what I did yesterday...
childrens bedroom wallpaper works well with this pattern

works well for bedding too

more childrens wallpaper

playroom wallpaper. Funky and bright.

nursery wallpaper

feature wall in a living room?

even in a kitchen!

I think it brightens up this interior nicely too!

and i have plenty more to come. I'm working on loads more today which I will post for you later on tonight or tomorrow! Hope you like them, I'd have them in my house anyway!! I glad to see they have turned out well, and that i have accomplished what I set out to achieve- patterns that have multi-purposes!

xoxo Nat 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

design sheets and the photoshoping continues...


I've been busy mounting all my work on design sheets today and making them look smart and professional ready to display in my portfolio. I've decided on mainly portrait design sheets, then when looking through my portfolio it's like reading a book, and it will look clear and concise. I've attached a few imaged below of how my design sheets are looking, some are not stuck down or not complete, but take a look anyway...

my moodboard

my lightshade design sheet..

textile sample board. No designs here- just some nice samples I wanted to display

a cushion design board

there's still more, and more to come. hope you like how I've displayed my stuff! I'm trying to keep it as simple and clear as possible. As well as mounting, I have been preparing some more stuff to put on sheets. I've been doing a little more photoshop work. I've been designing cot mobiles, and as well as making some little textile samples, I have applied my ideas to photoshop to see what it would look like. I think I might make one of these too!

Aswell as using my drawn motifs for my mobile, I am going to do some embroidery pieces to make nice attatchments too.


xoxo Nat