Monday, 16 April 2012

patterns in settings (final part)

Hello! I've finished putting my collection into settings (thank god!) Thought I'd give you a quick update of what I've done. Its not much, but I have also sorted out my final patterns to get printed onto fabric to make cool things out of!. I've decided on some cushions and a light shade so far, and yet to confirm my decision to make a cot bumper and quilt/blanket. It's all about whether I want to pay another 60 quid eesh! Anyway here's the final batch of my patterns in settings!

a chair pad to brighten up any chair!

Think I'm going to actually make this cushion!

funky lightshade

I'd love to make this, however I'm not an expert at bag making!

pretty wallpaper- slightly calmer than my other patterns for the less brave!

And the same pattern but decorating a bedroom!

Well now I've caused my eyes to go blind after all that! Can't wait to get my patterns printed and start making my things :) Hope the colours print out right this time- It's been an absolute nightmare sorting them out! Fingers crossed!

xoxo Nat.

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