Monday, 2 April 2012

final pattern collections

I've been busy deciding on my final pattern collections and I have decided on 13 out of my final 15 in my collection.

these are in my final collection I just want 2 more to make it complete!

These are the patterns I'm deciding between to finish my collection off....

as wallpaper

patterns without the setting

I just don't know which to choose!. My tutors might even tell me that 15 is too many for a collection...and if that's the case then I have an even harder job on my hands of narrowing down! Any opinions on which is best let me know!!!

Enjoy xoxo Nat

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  1. Hi Natalie, glad to find your blog! Thanks for being a follower on mine - I think we've "met" on FB as I remember your textile designs.
    I would have loved to have been a textile designer, so its fascinating for me to follow what you are doing - I look forwrad to going back thru your earlier posts.
    All your designs are great, and my favs are top two and bottom right designs.
    Good luck and have fun!