Wednesday, 4 April 2012

design sheets and the photoshoping continues...


I've been busy mounting all my work on design sheets today and making them look smart and professional ready to display in my portfolio. I've decided on mainly portrait design sheets, then when looking through my portfolio it's like reading a book, and it will look clear and concise. I've attached a few imaged below of how my design sheets are looking, some are not stuck down or not complete, but take a look anyway...

my moodboard

my lightshade design sheet..

textile sample board. No designs here- just some nice samples I wanted to display

a cushion design board

there's still more, and more to come. hope you like how I've displayed my stuff! I'm trying to keep it as simple and clear as possible. As well as mounting, I have been preparing some more stuff to put on sheets. I've been doing a little more photoshop work. I've been designing cot mobiles, and as well as making some little textile samples, I have applied my ideas to photoshop to see what it would look like. I think I might make one of these too!

Aswell as using my drawn motifs for my mobile, I am going to do some embroidery pieces to make nice attatchments too.


xoxo Nat 

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