Friday, 13 April 2012

a past project...

My last project was one of my most successful, and one of my most favourite. This was when I really decided I love working with surface pattern. I developed my drawing style properly and found out that Im slightly obsessed with cell imagery!!

I based my last project on cancer cells. The theme was "an open mind" so I decided to work on the theme of turning ugly things people don't want to look at/ talk about into something unrecognisable and beautiful looking.

It was to promote cancer but merely to show my cause for concern, to warn people, and to celebrate health! I tried to make my designs bright and 'pop-like' adding a touch of funky to a grim subject. In the end I decided to design and make a silk scarf. I used hand embroidery and added text using the embroidery machine. The text included statistics and I made it blend in with the background so that it was disguised.

If i where to do the project again I don't think I would of made just scarves. I think they work best in fashion and would look good large scale on dresses.

Anyway here's a few images, photos, illustrations, and original drawings for you to look at!

my fineliner and watercolour drawings, scanned in and merged into a pattern

again, my drawings and paintings scanned in to create a pattern 

fashion illustration 

fashion illustration

close up photo of embroidery on scarf

embroidery detail on scarf

scarf on a mannikin (i can't flip this around for some reason sorry!)

again i can't flip this sorry- but here's embroidery detail

surface pattern and embroidery combined.

Hope you like it! Even if you do need a bit of an open mind to understand my subject matter here!

Opinions valued

xoxo Nat

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