Wednesday, 11 April 2012

patterns in settings (part 1)

I've been a very busy little bee putting my 15 final patterns from my collection into interior settings and onto co-ordinating products. This is my achievement in day 1. I want to chose a few favourites for each pattern, and do a final setting that has EVERY pattern in to show how they would work altogether. Heres what I did yesterday...
childrens bedroom wallpaper works well with this pattern

works well for bedding too

more childrens wallpaper

playroom wallpaper. Funky and bright.

nursery wallpaper

feature wall in a living room?

even in a kitchen!

I think it brightens up this interior nicely too!

and i have plenty more to come. I'm working on loads more today which I will post for you later on tonight or tomorrow! Hope you like them, I'd have them in my house anyway!! I glad to see they have turned out well, and that i have accomplished what I set out to achieve- patterns that have multi-purposes!

xoxo Nat 

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