Thursday, 26 April 2012

my week of work

I've been a crafty bee this week. I've sorted out and handed in my wallpaper designs to the technician (finally chose three)




I got patterns back, and the colours where perfect (3 times lucky) so I've been busy turning them into things :D I'll post photos below of what's been made so far. Aswel as that I've had my lasercuts done and they've been given back to me today (how quick?!) so I can get making my lightshade- excited. :)

one of my cushions and a practise lampshade

Aswel as working on this module, I've been working on my report about where to sell my work if I wanted to, and I've had a little interview (well more like a small chat) with Emma who owns 'Miss Matilda's Boutique.' It's a little shop in Preston, and it is also on the web: I suggest you check it out it's mega cute! She was very very helpful and gave me loads of info for my report, and I took it on board for the future in case I ever decide I want to earn a bit of extra dosh and sell some handmade things in a boutique.

And on top of my uni work- I've become the dog-sitter for the week. My mums ventured off on her hols and It's become my duty to look after the gorgeous little Murphy. It's all great (apart from this horrendous weather and I have to walk him in the rain!) Love him lots <3

So yeah, I've been pretty busy. But I'm going to relax tonight as my lovely fella has come back from Wrexham to see me <3 Thank goodness. I hate being home alone.

Byebye xoxo Nat


  1. How exciting it must be to see your designs come back as wallpaper, fabric and card to make up into cushions and lampshades. When I did textile design for A level we had to screen print our own designs by hand ( as well as preparing the screens!)- how I would just love to have my own Personal Technician!
    Murphy's so so cute! and lovely photo of you and your boyfriend.
    This is making me feel old! My daughter goes off to Uni next year too!

  2. It is a great feeling...I did it too when I was in screen printing though just don't like preparing my own screen. Its easy to just give your images to someone else to print hehe. And thankyou, I love my dog! x