Wednesday, 2 May 2012

weddings, weddings, beautiful weddings

For my part time job I work for Creative Cover Hire. We are a chair and linen hire specialist and recently been venturing into the vintage world, and created new and exciting ideas. You can find us on facebook ( and on the web ( I love what I do, and love that every weekend I get to make things look amazingly pretty, and make peoples special day perfect (hopefully!)

Thought I'd share some images with you of some of the pretty weddings we've set up :)

spring lemon at bartle hall :)

vintage look at the great hall at maines

gorgeous in ivory and a touch of lace at bartle hall <3

lovely colour at beeston manor

traditional deep red at bartle hall <3

pretty in pink at west tower!

a dab of sparkle 

love this at rivington barn

Vintage at houghton tower

pretty and princessy. A white wedding! Backdrop and drapes <3

See how nice my job is?! And that's just one day a week. Thought I'd give you a little insight into what else I do anyway and if your getting married creative cover hire is the place to be! Check us out :)

xoxo Nat


  1. They look amazing! How difficult it must be to choose which colour!
    I think I would have to go with either the gorgeous Duck egg blue ones (Rivington Barn) or the grey with white spotted organza drapes underneath.....and the grey/lilac at Beeston hall - what a decision!
    Great job you have Natalie!

  2. I know I;ve seen that many pretty weddings now I wouldn't know what to chose myself! Its a brilliant job to have :)