Saturday, 3 March 2012

cracking on with my FINAL project

Ok, so it's my final project- pretty scary.

I 've decided to design surface pattern fro childrens homeware. But me being me has already cracked on and pretty much developed a few patterns already which, with a few more tweeks with colour, and scale, i reckon would make a collection.

I've kind of also decided that perhaps it's not just printing surface pattern I should look at, and maybe not just for children's interiors either. I think the things I've developed could go in modern living spaces as well as a nursery or child's bedroom. Quite a few people have also mentioned that my patterns would look good on stationary and wrapping paper and things- so perhaps i don't need to just design for one thing at all. I'm not just a one trick pony! haha!

So my tutor (being my tutor. you'd know if you met her) being fabulous with opinions and ideas, if not totally stressful, (giving me more, complicated things to think about!) gave me a few pointers to think about. Her words where..."what if your patterns weren't JUST  patterns?"

So it gave me a few(well a lot) of ideas about how I could make my surfaces different. I've looked at the patterns I've already developed and though about adding texture and surface to them...sort of recreating them myself, handmade, adding a bit of bespoke to my work. I'm currently working on things for the embroidery machine, for the laser cutter, and etching machine, and also using applique and embroidery (both hand and machinery) in my surfaces too.

Your probably all thinking what are you on about!? So here's a few photos to give you an idea of where i'm going with this. I'm not to worry about what they will be, or what they will be for, i just want to play and see what I come up with!!! Hopefully I will strike gold sometime soon :)

using my line drawings, and photoshop, this is just something I created whilst playing. I got the feeling of plastic, and shiny circles from this piece.

One of my faves- I want to try and recreate the 'fuzzy' effect using felt, and the line drawings using stitch. Perhaps It might end up working for a cushion cover or something :)

Created from previous line drawings. It really reminds me of lace, and I am going to attempt some laser cutting samples to see if i could use them in my work.

Just a sketchbook page showing my inspiration, drawings, and patterns

felt sample using free stitch on the machine

very rough applique sample but i think done properly this could work well with overlaying stich

I'm going to try this on a bigger scale and more of it to see if I like it or not

sketchbook page showing a few images that inspired me for this collection.

From the images above I melted fabric to try and create a similar effect.  I'm going to do a knitted sample as well to see what that looks like!.

Hope you like my work :)

xoxo Nat.

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