Thursday, 22 March 2012

starting to get a dab hand with this Photoshop milarky!

I never thought I'd say this but I actually love Photoshop- its my new best friend! Spent hours playing with it, and pretty much taught myself my own little ways of doing things (whether its right or not is a different story)  and I am pretty proud of what I've produced with it. I've decided for my final show I want to have a couple of final wallpaper designs printed, a few cushions made up and then some of my designs printed on notebooks and mugs for display to, and sort of set up a little interior. Along with my portfolio that will have other fabric samples in and photoshoped images to show my designs :) plan? PLAN!

I'm still working on the colour booboo I had with my fabric samples- that's been delayed some what unfortunately but I will find out what's what on Monday! fingers crossed. In the mean while I'm busy putting my patterns into setting and working into my fabric samples as much as I can even if they're not correct.

Also I've spent today mounting some of my work up making it look all smart for my show and for my portfolio....I wish card was free!

Lots more experimentation to follow, including some vinyl printing :) But for now look at what I've done :)

ciao xoxo Nat 

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