Monday, 5 March 2012

sample work

my new stitched sample for my current project hhmmmm.

The back of a stitched sample I quite liked the look of.
Well I can't decide whether today has been a productive day or not. I've done a bit more work for my website so that was successful. And I've created a couple of stitched samples for my current project 'under the microscope' which has been both successful and not... I can't decide whether I like them or not....and if I do I'm still thinking in the back of my mind "what can they be used for".

Of course not everything has to have a further purpose other than experimentation, if it doesn't work out right then that's fine, at least I've had a go. And not everything has to be practical either. It could purely be just a nice sample piece to look at, with no other purpose at all. But me being me likes things to have a purpose, and to be leading somewhere. So on that note, I'm kind of stuck a little bit!

Here's a few snaps and scans of what I produced today, any suggestions to improve or what they can be used for would be helpful. I'm picturing some textured cushions, or a throw perhaps, to co-ordinate well with my pattern collections....

Free stitch cell sample. 

stitched cell sample closeup

small applique sample and machine stich

could perhaps see this large on a cushion or something

just a small knitted sample inspired by cross sections of roots under the microscope

I have uni tomorrow, where I'm going to try some laser cut, etching, and embroidery machine samples to see what they turn out like and hopefully they will give me ideas and inspiration to move my project forward to the next level of development.

xoxo Nat.

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