Monday, 26 March 2012

design work

As I have already mentioned I'm designing surface pattern for numerous things- mainly focusing on interiors. I have been busy designing lightshades using my patterns, and the use of the lasercutter. I've photographed them to see what they would look like. And I've also found something that would make them fire retardant so I could make a mockup if I wanted :)

experimenting with lasercut paper patterns to see what they would look like as light shades.

I've also made some last minute design ideas for more surface patterns (as if I didn't already have enough!) and I'm quite pleased with them...they're rather funky looking. I think they are more kid like and would look good in kids interiors, or as an accent cushion somewhere. 

wallpaper or bedding design on a large scale

kids interiors

soft furnishings maybe?

wallpaper would look good in this design!

I'm sure I've already mentioned my colours printed out wrong on the fabric I chose for my designs. If not well now you know! I had to print a sample of pantone colours and hopefully be able to chose from them to get my colours spot on. They've come out OK, although I'm still not 100% happy with the red and the cerise pink. I'm having to second guess at them really which I could do with not doing! So far I think these are what I want printing on fabric to make my cushions, lightshade, and cot mobile...other patterns will be printed large scale on wallpaper using the banner printer.


xoxo one stressed Nat

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