Tuesday, 6 March 2012

work update

Hello :)

Thought I'd do a quick update on my work! Been playing with some more patterns today. I like my early design developments but they need concluding, and experimenting with further to get them just right. I'm busy putting together some tiff files ready for kath (my technician) to get them printed on the digital fabric printer (deadline sneaking up eeekk). I've been playing with the complexity of my patterns, and the scale to make sure I get a variety of samples to play with. Here's a few of what I'm working on.
more of a motif, it could be repeated but I quite like it as it is. Maybe HUGE with big gaps inbetween each one?
like this but more space between each one I think!
bigger print. I like this :)

for those funky minded people out there, this is one of my early patterns expanded. imagine this but the discs the size of pizzas!

I love this one. I've had to do some simpler designs to go in my collection, Yet still funky . I think this works well small and large :) very pleased.

Even more so simple. I could imagine this on a wall :)

BIG motifs!

Simple black and white, for the less brave.

I really like this, especially in blue. This will be part of my collection :)

Hope you like them. They still need a bit of tweeking. I'm rather stressed at the moment trying to get this sorted, it's proving difficult to be strict and choose certain colours and patterns when there all so pretty!

Next step- get some fabric samples printed. Check the colours are ok, and start picking my collection eeek! I'm also going to work into a few of my printed samples to add texture like I previously mentioned in my posts! 

Anway, Busy bee, 

xoxo Nat.

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